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With the help of our affordable trademark registration services, brands continue to secure their identities with the best rates in the industry.

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    Our attorneys will collect your information in order to submit your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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About Us Trademark Registration Made Simplified: Trusted Online Trademark Services

At Online Trademark Services, we understand the importance of protecting your brand. That's why we are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient trademark registration services to businesses and individuals alike. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of trademark law and the registration process, and we use the latest technology to streamline the process for you. With our user-friendly platform and commitment to customer satisfaction, registering a trademark has never been easier. Trust us to help you secure your brand and grow your business with confidence.

Trademark Registration Service

Our Trademark Registration Services

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For both new trademark applications and renewals of existing ones, Online Trademark Services offers expertise and a wealth of experience. Over the past ten years, the company has submitted numerous trademark applications to the USPTO and its trademark attorneys are highly knowledgeable in their field.

Statement of Use

To demonstrate the use of your trademark in interstate commerce, you must submit a Statement of Use (SOU) to the USPTO. Our team will assist you in writing a valid and acceptable SOU after your trademark application has been submitted to ensure it meets the USPTO's requirements.

Trademark Registration Fees


US Trademark Registration

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USPTO Office Response Action

After filing your trademark application, the USPTO may communicate any concerns or issues through an Office Action Response, which can be sent via email or regular mail. These formal communications are used to manage any potential problems in the trademarking process, which can be time-consuming and require careful attention. Our team will help you navigate and respond to these complex procedures smoothly, avoiding any conflicts or complications.

Trademark Renewal

In addition to managing new trademarks, we also provide support to companies in renewing their expired trademarks. It's worth noting that renewing expired USPTO trademarks can be quite challenging. For this reason, we offer professional legal services to assist you in renewing your USPTO trademark, and take care of all the complex processes involved.

Trademark Registration Process

Affordable Prices

In Just $49, Protect your Brand by Availing our Online Trademark Services!

For just $49, you can enjoy a seamless and stress-free trademark registration experience from the comfort of your own home.

Our Online Trademark Service Packages

$ 49
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Review of Case
  • Court Filing
  • Trademark Alert
  • Trademark Registered
  • 100% Money-Back Assurance
$ 149
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Review of Case + Situational Preparation
  • Case Preparation
  • Court Filing
  • Trademark Alert
  • Direct Hit Search
  • 100% Money-Back Assurance
  • Refusal Risk Meter
$ 199
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Review of Case + Case Study Files
  • Situational Preparation
  • Court Filing
  • Trademark Notification
  • Trademark Registered
  • Direct Search Result
  • 100% Reward Rate
  • Refusal Risk Meter
  • Trademark Survelliance
  • Complete Documentation
  • Digital File
  • Specialist Case Manager
$ 349
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Case Evaluation Filing
  • Trademark Alert
  • Case Filing
  • Trademark Registered
  • Direct Search Result
  • 100% Money-Back Assurance
  • Refusal Risk Meter
  • Trademark Surveillance
  • Complete Documentation Digital File
  • Specialist Case Manager
  • 100% Approval Guarantee
  • Comprehensive Trademark Search Report for Trademarks (Federal & State)
  • 24 Hour Urgent Service

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